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The BLPA Big Show

Dec 23, 2019

Beer Leaguers have a lot problems with "you people" and now you're gonna hear about it. The 3rd annual beer league airing of grievances is exactly what you'd expect. Another round of "Are you a beer leaguer" and some hate mail are just what the doctor ordered heading into Christmas.

Dec 16, 2019

Nick needs help dealing with the worst word a guy can hear. THE V word. He also needs your help with a Facebook situation and ponders if he should have focused more on being a pitcher in his ball playing days. A locker room discussion sparks this week's Fight-Liney-Cut and you’ll never guess who is named the...

Dec 12, 2019

Everyone wants to know the story. What really happened? Hear what happened and what is gonna happen. Now, lets move on and get back to talking about things beer leaguers care about.